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Four King Hell

by John McMiken

Many milleniums ago on the ancient continent of Tytwatsynasia, there was a land claimed to be ruled by four different Kings who each had their own conflicting laws of the land that had to be adhered to. The general population of this land were absolutely confused, because it didn't matter what they tried to do, in the eyes of the law of one of their rulers they were always committing a crime of the land and so it became virtually impossible for anyone to do anything right there. The population of this ancient land eventually classified this country as a 'hell' of a land to live in and gave the country the name of 'Four King Hell'.

Even though this now very ancient land is no longer in existence in it's former state, it has become ingrained in the folklore of many other modern lands and in the minds of the people today, and reference to this ancient kingdom has been passed down from mouth to mouth and from generation to generation for thousands of years. That is why, it doesn't matter where you are in the world today, when something goes badly wrong for someone somewhere, you will hear them shout out quite loudly "Four King Hell!" and many of the other people around them these days, just put this down to very bad manners, rudeness or just call it plain swearing, but in reality it is still a sub-conscious reference to that very ancient kingdom where nothing goes right at all. This is legless hell

This very short and fictitious tale was written by the author John McMiken, 'King Legless Fool' King of the partyThe present day self-claimed heir apparent to the ancient kingdom of Four King Hell.

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